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About us

SMASIM Integrated Solutions Company, is leader and specialized company in the field of exporting agricultural crops and oilseeds especially sesame with its various types, peanuts, sunflowers, chickpeas, lentils, and hibiscus and pumpkin seeds. In a short period of time, the company was able to reach the regional and global markets, as its products reached China, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon. Work is now going on effectively to reach the American and European markets.
SMASIM also has a leading role in importing food commodities and sugar to meet the requirements of the local market. It also imports high quality jute to support farmers and producers.

Work to create value for the Sudanese product in the global, regional market; provide it with high quality. Importing best types of food products to meet the needs of Local consumption.

To be the leader company in Sudan and in the field of import and export for all global and international market by 2027.

Our Values


Selecting the best products that meet our customers need


Is our slogan in products and services we provide


Ensuring that our products and services are delivered to our customers efficiently and effectively


To make sure to build transparent and trusted relationship between Smasim and it's customers


The value of our brand comes from our customers satisfaction

Yassin Mohamed Adam Ibrahim

General Manager

Our Team