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Although China and Thailand dominate global production, the best hibiscus is produced in Sudan and Nigeria, according to Wikipedia. It is widely cultivated in central and western Sudan, including all the eight states of Kordofan and Darfur.


The uses of hibiscus vary greatly, as it is used at home as an iced juice, or as a hot tea, and is converted into jam, and used as an additional flavor for sweetening or mixed with other juices. It is also used in other household tasks, the most important of which is hygiene, as it can dissolve lime and fat from pots without affecting the pots themselves. Industrially, hibiscus is used in many fields, the most important of which are fibers and burlap, in addition to the development of raw handicrafts. It is also widely used in the fields of alternative medicine.

A plant type of the marshmallow genus that belongs to the marshmallow family, and the part used is the leaves surrounding the flower, which tends to dark red, and its most common uses are the famous hibiscus juice and tea.