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Import and Export

Smasim Import

Smasim had contributed clearly on enhancing and  improving the quality of  the imported basic commodities, due to its  strong financial capabilities and its very remarkable employees . Its also  played an important role in supporting the  local economy by importing basic commodities to the local market.

In a short period of time, the Company was  become one of the largest companies working in the field of importing and exporting basic commodities such as sugar and other products to meet the requirements of the local market. The company also imports jute with high quality to meet the standard of products packing and   to support farmers  in the harvesting operations.

Smasim Export

Sudan is a vast country rich in natural and agricultural resources (fertile land), animal, mineral, plant and water. Sudan’s main dependence is agriculture; it accounts for 80% of the population’s activity. It also depends on industry, especially agricultural industries.
Hence the journey of Smasim to the prospects of exporting Sudanese products and enhancing the value of Sudanese product in regional and international markets by working to ensure the high quality required to keep up with and to compete in the regional and international markets.

After Smasim has laid the basics of business, it was able, in a short period, to become one of the largest  and leader companies working in the field of exporting oilseeds and a large number of other agricultural products, as the company’s exports have reached since 2020 to this day…….