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We are specialized in exporting the top quality Sudanese crops to all destinations where our customers located.Our experienced team are always following up with the farmers to select the best crop, especially when specified by our customers.

Our long experience helping us to collaborate with our customers to provide them with the exact product they need for their industry

Red Peanuts Seeds

Type Kordufan, West Sudan
Size Small-medium
Count Min 70/80 per ounce
Skin Red, clean and dry
Aflatoxin As per specification
Oil Content Min 48%
Foreign material Max 5%
Moisture Max 5%
Lose crust and damage Max 3%


White Sesame Seeds

Type Gadaref (A),
Blue Nile (B)
Color White
Oil Content Min 48%
Moisture max 8%
Admixture Max 1%
Purity Min 99%
FFA Max 2%
Other color seeds Max 2%
Foreign matter Max 2%

Red Sesame Seeds

Type Kordufan
Color Red
Oil Content Min 52%
Moisture max 8%
Admixture Max 2%
Purity Min 99%
FFA Max 3%
Other color seeds Max 3%

Pigeon Peas

Moisture max 10%
Protein min 20%
Broken seeds max 1%
Hydration coefficient min 99.9%
Foreign matters and impurities max 3%
Damaged seed max 3%
Mycotoxins max 15%


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