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Leader and Specialized Company

SMASIM Integrated Solutions Company, is leader and specialized company in the field of exporting agricultural crops and oilseeds especially sesame with its various types, peanuts, sunflowers, chickpeas, pigeon peas, hibiscus and pumpkin seeds. In a short period of time...

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    Our Industries

    SMASIM</br>For Crops Ridding

    For Crops Ridding

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    Alsahm Alzahabi </br>For Land Transport & Trucks

    Alsahm Alzahabi
    For Land Transport & Trucks

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    Import and Export

    Import and Export

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    Investments in agriculture are the best weapons against hunger and poverty, and they have made life better for billions of people

    " Bill and Melinda Gates "


    News & Events

    Ramadan Iftar 2022

    Smasim for Integrated solution company organized it’s Annual Ramadan Iftar 2022, The Iftar held on 21st of May ,2022 at Nile International Club.