Smasim for Integrated Solutions

is a Sudanese company was established in 2010. Our company is specialized in exporting all agricultural crops and oilseeds (sesame, peanuts, chickpeas, pigeon peas, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and hibiscus). Our main markets are (China, India, KSA, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey). Our future markets are Europe and USA.

We are also importing foodstuff according to our market needs, with specialty in importing sugar, Jute bags and sunflower oil,our main origins are (India, UAE, KSA, Bangladesh and Egypt). In addition we are importing agricultural machinery from Turkey.

Smasim Group for Integrated Solutions:

Smasim for Integrated Solutions Co.Ltd.
Smasim for Crops Riddling.
Smasim Solutions Commercial Brokers L.L.C (Dubai, UAE).
Aldlte Advanced Business Ltd.
Alsahm Alzahabi for Land Transport (Trucks).

Our Vision

To become one of the market leaders in offering high quality products and services to our customers locally and globally.

Our Mission

To proactively supply our Sudanese products by selecting best quality at the best prices by the best services to our customers.

Our Values


In choosing the best of the best when supplying to our customers and match their needs.


Is our label in every product and service we provide.


By taking ownership when delivering to our customers efficiently and effectively.


Transparency and building long-term trust with our customers.
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